Courage - Scholarship - Community
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Name Title Email Address Phone Extension Room Number
Kevin Hoover Governing Board Chair
Frank McCulloch Executive Director 468-0620 (direct)
Mark O'Gawa Dean of Students 468-0620 (direct)
Bret Aaker Art baake@amybiehlhighschool.org214613
Monica Archuleta Educational Assistant marchuleta@amybiehlhighschool.org325a633
Stephanie Becker Director of Community Engagement sbecker@abhs.k12.nm.us218644
Thomas Bergan Humanities tbergan@abhs.k12.nm.us219629
Monico Candelaria Social Worker mcandelaria@amybiehlhighschool.org322606
Janis Carbajal Sign Language Interpreter jcarbajal@amybiehlhighschool.org312630
Mark Carrara Technology Director mcarrara@amybiehlhighschool.org205612
Julian Chavez Technology Assistant jchavez@amybiehlhighschool.org205612
Stacey Cotty Director of Instruction and Assessment scott@amybiehlhighschool.org313627
Sarah Drinkwater Math sdrinkwater@amybiehlhighschool.org321628
Maribeth Dvorak Physical Education mdvorak@amybiehlhighschool.org122619
Jessica Eubank Sign Language Interpreter jeubank@abhs.k12.nm.us312630
Danielle Groeling Social Worker dgroeling@abhs.k12.nm.us118634
Michelle Herrera Humanties mherrera@abhs.k12.nm.us324616
Christina Herrera Furst Humanities chfurst@amybiehlhighschool.org220615
Martin Hoehne-Sanchez Spanish mhsanchez@abhs.k12.nm.us212631
Randie Jolliff Special Education rjolliff@amybiehlhighschool.org332608
Cheryl Kent Science ckent@abhs.k12.nm.us323646
Michael Kindel Registrar mkindel@amybiehlhighschool.org108603
Nicole Lasky Science nlasky@amybiehlhighschool.org328624
Richard Ledesma Building Manager rledesma@amybiehlhighschool.orgBasement650
Mike Lynam Science mlynam@abhs.k12.nm.us330621
Sandra Mack Math, Science Instructional Leader smack@amybiehlhighschool.org320656
Ray Maseman Math rmaseman@abhs.k12.nm.us211653
Casey Mason Humanities cmason@amybiehlhighschool.org325655
Frank McCulloch Executive Director fmcculloch@amybiehlhighschool.org307620
Niki McKay Director of College Engagement nmckay@amybiehlhighschool.orgSimm's803
Ronda McQuade Humanities rmcqu@amybiehlhighschool.org325655
Kris Mihalic Special Education kmihalic@abhs.k12.nm.us325a633
Virginia Montoya Office Manager vmontoya@amybiehlhighschool.org108601
Kathleen Moore Social Worker kmoore@amybiehlhighschool.org214a622
Mark O'Gawa Dean of Students mogawa@abhs.k12.nm.us108638
Jeanne Padilla Bookkeeper jpadilla@amybiehlhighschool.org107617
Liz Pfeffer Assistant Director of College Engagement lpfeffer@amybiehlhighschool.orgSimm's804
Aldis Phillipbar Advancement Coordinator aphillipbar@amybiehlhighschool.org304611
Jamie Roberts Humanities jroberts@amybiehlhighschool.org221618
Jax Sanchez Math jasanchez@amybiehlhighschool.org329649
James Schlavin Sign Language Interpreter jschlavin@abhs.k12.nm.us312630
Michael Sedillo Humanities msedillo@abhs.k12.nm.us222651
Betty Seeley Finance Director bseeley@amybiehlhighschool.org107604
Raji Sinha Math rsinha@abhs.k12.nm.us207623
Bonnie Smith Director of Special Education bsmith@abhs.k12.nm.us319652
Megan Stobie Humanities mstrobie@abhs.k12.nm.us327610
Student Support Support outer office 118625
Tonya Troske Humanities Instructional Leader ttroske@amybiehlhighschool.org320632
Gloria Vigil Social Worker gvigil@amybiehlhighschool.org216637
Paola Villalba Receptionist pvillalba@abhs.k12.nm.usSimm's802